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Newest HART Communication Capability - HART-IP - Delivers HART Data at the Speed of Ethernet

Dow Chemical Named 2013 HART
Plant of the Year

Real-Time Data Acquisition Goes WirelessHART at a Major US Power Company

HART Communication Foundation Joins Other Leading Protocol Organizations in Special Exhibit at Hannover Messe 2014

Foundation President and CEO,
Ted Masters, looks ahead … to the next two decades and beyond.

We are excited to work with our members and the user community to forge the future strategy of HART Communication… and to leverage new technologies to help users “Get Connected” in real-time to the valuable information in their HART devices.  

For us, the next 20 years will be about continuing to deliver bottom-line business benefits to process manufacturers. New offerings from industry suppliers to the HART ecosystem are making it easier than ever for users to adopt the proactive and predictive maintenance strategies that full-time HART communication makes possible.

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Compared to legacy star-connected systems, WirelessHART’s self-organizing and self-healing mesh architecture is more reliable and radically simpler to install and maintain. And, because it is HART, WirelessHART delivers the same user experience, ease-of-use and flexibility that users expect from HART-enabled products.